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The Greygates Foundation

For Grantseekers

Proposals or letters of inquiry from organizations that match the Foundation’s funding interests and eligibility requirements are welcome.


The Greygates Foundation makes grants only to organizations that are recognized as registered charities by the Canada Revenue Agency, to support projects worldwide. If an organization does not have such status, the Foundation will consider making a grant to a Canadian registered charity acting as a sponsor for the non-recognized organization.

The grant award limit is $3,000 and grants are paid in Canadian dollars. The following types of support are eligible for funding:

  • General operating support
  • Capacity building
  • Program support
  • Equipment
  • Tuition assistance

The Foundation does not provide funding to individuals or to organizations or programs operated by government agencies, or to organizations receiving significant funding from government sources and/or gaming sources.

Application Procedures

The Foundation has no proposal submission deadline, and proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications are accepted only by email. Applicants are notified promptly when their proposals are received but should expect to wait three to six months for notification of a decision.

The eligibility quiz in the left margin will help you determine if it would be appropriate for you to submit a funding proposal to the Foundation. Please review the complete Application Guidelines before submitting a proposal. Questions may be sent to the Foundation’s Administrator, J. Ronald Gibbs. The email address for questions and applications is:

Mr. Gibbs may also be contacted by telephone at 604-896-1619.

Due to limited resources, the Foundation is unable to respond to every inquiry, especially from ineligible organizations.

Reporting Guidelines

The Greygates Foundation requires a report from each grantee which confirms that the funds granted were used for the intended purpose. There is no standard report form. Brief narrative and financial descriptions of how grant funds were spent should be submitted by email to within one year from receipt of funding.

Grant Acknowledgment Policy

The Foundation does not require or seek publicity of its financial contributions. While anonymity is not necessary, we ask that you kindly adhere to the following guidelines when acknowledging your grant from the Foundation.

  • When naming the Foundation, list it as “The Greygates Foundation.”
  • The Foundation may be included in a list of donors in your newsletter or annual report, when making requests to other foundations, and on your website.
  • With prior approval only, the Foundation may be named in other publications; however, it should not be the only or the most prominent funder named. In such cases, please direct your requests to Ronald Gibbs at or (604) 896-1619.
  • The Foundation’s name should not be placed on vehicles, banners, plaques, or buildings without the approval of the Foundation Advisors.
  • The Foundation prefers not to be recognized through honorary celebrations or dinners, and does not accept awards from grantees.
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