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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application deadline?
There is no application deadline. Proposals are accepted at any time.

To whom do I address my proposal?
Proposals should be addressed to:

J. Ronald Gibbs
The Greygates Foundation

Can I fax, mail, or FedEx my proposal?
No. We only accept requests sent via email.

What should my proposal include?
Proposals should include all the required items listed in the Application Guidelines.

How long does it take for a decision on my proposal?
Decisions regarding proposals submitted to The Greygates Foundation can take between three and six months.

Can I set up a meeting with someone from The Greygates Foundation?
An organization is expected to fully describe and justify its project in its written proposal. Foundation advisors do not host meetings to discuss prospective or pending proposals. Any questions regarding application or reporting may be submitted by email to

Can I apply for a grant if my organization has received past funding?
Yes. The Foundation accepts new grant requests only after the current grant has been expended and a final report has been submitted and approved. Please keep in mind that each proposal is considered individually and should contain all required items, even if your organization has submitted the items previously.

Is there a form to use for final reports?
No. There is no standard report form. Brief narrative and financial descriptions of how grant funds were spent should be submitted by email to within one year of receipt of funding.

What size grant should I request?
There are many factors that influence the decision on grant size. An applicant should request an amount that it feels is appropriate for its project and organization. The maximum grant award through the Greygates Foundation is $3,000. Grants are paid in Canadian dollars.

What geographic areas do you fund?
The Greygates Foundation has no geographic funding restrictions, and makes grants to organizations doing work worldwide. However, applicants must be recognized as registered charities by the Canada Revenue Agency.

How does the Foundation define government funding?
Government funding includes direct grants from federal, provincial, and local government agencies (including public school districts).

How does the Foundation define gaming?
The Foundation considers gaming revenue to include income from any gambling activity, such as lotteries, casinos, bingo parlors, etc.

What constitutes “significant” government/gaming source funding?
The Foundation considers significant government/gaming funding to be more than 50% of revenue (both sources combined) and prefers to fund organizations receiving less than 30% of total income from government/gaming sources.

If my organization receives significant funding from government and/or gaming sources, but the program for which we’re seeking funding does not, can we still submit an application?
The Foundation measures government/gaming funding at the organization level, not the program level. The Foundation does not award grants to organizations receiving more than 50% of revenue from government/gaming sources.

Do you make grants to individuals?
No. The Foundation only makes grants to organizations that are recognized as registered charities by the Canada Revenue Agency.

What are the chances of receiving a grant?
A large number of worthy organizations approach the Foundation for support. The process is highly competitive. Even if a project fits within the Foundation’s guidelines, it will not necessarily be funded.

Can you suggest other funding sources?
Imagine Canada (a merger of the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy and the Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations) is a national organization dedicated to advancing the role and interests of the charitable sector for the benefit of Canadian communities. Its web site includes a subscription-based searchable database of more than 2,200 Canadian foundations and 25,000 grants.

If my organization is not a registered as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, can you help me find a sponsoring organization?
No.  Due to limited resources, the Foundation is unable to provide technical assistance in identifying a fiscal sponsor.

I have a question that is not answered in these FAQs. What should I do?
You may contact J. Ronald Gibbs, Administrator, at or 604-896-1619.

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