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May & Stanley Smith Charitable Trust

For Current Grantees

Grant Acknowledgement Policy

The May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust is honored to support the work of its grantees. However, we do not require or seek special publicity of our financial contributions. While anonymity is not necessary, we ask that you kindly adhere to the following guidelines should you choose to publicly acknowledge your grant from the Trust.

      • When naming the Trust, list it as the May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust.
      • The Trust may be included in a list of donors in your newsletters, annual reports, requests to other foundations, and on your website. Prior approval is not required.
      • With prior approval only, the Trust may be named in other publications; however, it should not be the only or the most prominent funder named. For approval, please direct your request to the Grants Manager at or 415-332-0166.
      • The Trust’s name should not be placed on vehicles, banners, or buildings.
      • With prior approval only, the Trust may be listed on donor walls or plaques that include the names of other funders.
      • The Trust should not be named in press releases, programs, advertisements, or event invitations.
      • The Trust’s grant should not be announced on social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
      • The Trust does not accept recognition through honorary celebrations or dinners, and does not accept awards from grantees.
      • If you wish to acknowledge the Trust’s grant in a manner not described in this section of our website, please contact the Grants Manager at or 415-332-0166.

Grant Reporting Requirements

We are interested in learning through our grantees’ successes as well as their challenges.

All grantees of the May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust must submit a report that confirms funds granted were used for the intended purpose. We include specific reporting guidelines with the grant award letter or latest payment transmittal letter from the Trust.

Please note that the Trust will not consider any further grant applications from an organization unless a report on the prior grant is received and approved.

Please complete your report through the Trust’s online grantee portal system no later than the date specified in the grant transmittal letter and listed in your reporting guidelines. If you cannot locate your reporting guidelines and need another copy, please contact the Grants Manager at or 415-332-0166.

Please note: the Trust has transitioned to a new online system.  The first time you access the online grantee portal, you will be asked to register for an online account.

To complete your online report:

  • Click on the My Account link at the top of the page to access the Grantee Portal.
  • Under the For Current Grantees section, click on the Click Here For More Information.
  • Complete the For Current Grantees form and Submit to request a new online account.
  • Trust staff will respond to your registration request within two business days, and you will receive confirmation and instructions, including your login credentials. Please save these credentials for future reference. This online account will allow you to save a partially completed report and return to finish it at a later time.
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