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Recent Grantmaking

25th Anniversary Grants

In 2014, to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust, the Trustees approved five 25th Anniversary Grants. These special grants, one in each program area, are intended to

  • mark 25 years of grantmaking by the Trust,
  • highlight new interests of the Trust identified in its 2014-2018 strategic plan; and
  • recognize and support effective organizations, efforts, and programs that strongly align with Trust goals in each program area.

We are pleased to share the organizations and projects selected by the Trustees, and supported by the Trust’s 25th Anniversary Grants.

Foster Youth

On the Move, Napa, California
$450,000 for the opening of the Epicenter

fosteryouthThe Trust awarded a 25th Anniversary Grant of $450,000 to On the Move, to support the opening of the Epicenter in Salinas, CA. The Epicenter, which had its grand opening on September 4, 2014, serves as a one-stop shop where foster youth ages 16-24 can access a variety of services. Partnering community nonprofits and county agencies provide co-located services, while the Epicenter’s youth staff, most of whom are former foster youth themselves, provide individualized case management and coaching. Services include tutoring, GED preparation, job readiness training, connecting youth to internships and employment, life skills workshops, leadership opportunities, food and nutrition classes, physical and mental health education, assistance accessing benefits, and help securing emergency, transitional, and long-term housing. The Epicenter is the third site for On the Move’s VOICES program, supporting foster youth to successfully transition to independent adulthood.


Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, Fremont, California
$600,000 for development of a day center for elders with dementia

eldersThe Trust awarded a 25th Anniversary Grant of $600,000 to the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, for capital support to renovate part of its 26-acre Motherhouse Campus to meet current standards and use requirements, and to allow the site to welcome the local community and address its needs, including high quality care for older adults living with dementia. In addition to a complete renovation of the historic Siena Building, where the memory care program will operate five days per week, Trust funds will be used to create a safe, secure, and supportive outdoor space so that elders in various stages of dementia can enjoy meals, socializing, and therapeutic activities in an open-air environment. The program will operate in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Services of the East Bay.

Veterans and Military Families

University of Southern California, School of Social Work, Los Angeles, California
$500,000 for scholarships for veterans and military family members

verteransThe Trust awarded a 25th Anniversary Grant of $500,000 to the University of Southern California, School of Social Work to offer scholarship support to veterans and military family members pursuing the Master of Social Work with Military Social Work Sub-Concentration. USC’s School of Social Work was the first private research university to develop a specialization in social work for veterans and military families, in recognition of the critical shortage of mental health professionals trained to meet the unique needs of this population. The degree emphasizes the military as a workplace culture; management of trauma and post-traumatic stress; clinical practice with the military family; and preventative care and health management in military settings, and includes 550 hours of practical experience in an actual or simulated military setting. The School of Social work has produced 700 graduates with this specialization since its inception in 2009, who work in a variety of settings with veterans and their families.  

People with Disabilities

Marbridge, Manchaca, Texas
$650,000 for the Victory Hall Athletic and Community Center Capital Campaign

marbridge-2The Trust awarded a 25th Anniversary Grant of $650,000 to Marbridge, for capital support to construct the Victory Hall Athletic and Community Center (Victory Hall). When this $2.8 million project is completed, the 19,000 square foot Victory Hall will replace the current outdated 3,000 square foot half-court gym built without restrooms, heat, or air conditioning in 1959. Victory Hall will include a full sports court, a wellness center and exercise room, a stage for performances, and a walking path, and will serve residents as well as the larger community throughout the day and evening. Marbridge is a residential community for adults 18 years of age and older with a wide range of cognitive disabilities. The construction of Victory Hall represents a commitment to person-centered wellness, encouraging residents of varying abilities to accomplish new physical and mental challenges.

Discretionary Grantmaking

Churchie Foundation, East Brisbane, Australia
$1,500,000 for the Roberts Centre Capital Campaign

churchie-2The Trust awarded a 25th Anniversary Grant of $1,500,000 to Churchie Foundation, for capital support to demolish and reconstruct the Roberts Centre at the Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie). When this $20 million capital campaign is completed, the Roberts Centre will be the hub of Churchie’s campus. In addition to a library, the building will offer full wi-fi access in a variety of flexible spaces, work space for Information Technology staff, study areas, outdoor spaces, student services such as counseling, chaplaincy, and learning support, and a café. Stanley Smith attended Churchie from 1921 to 1923. This grant continues a history of support for Stanley Smith’s alma mater, by both Mr. & Mrs. Smith and the Trust, dating back to 1957 and totaling more than $6 million.

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