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Discretionary Grantmaking


Each year, the Trust allocates a portion of its grantmaking budget to support activities that fall outside its four main program areas but that represent relevant, timely, and valuable opportunities. Unsolicited applications are not accepted for the Discretionary Grantmaking program. The Trust’s discretionary grants typically fall into three broad categories, representing opportunities to:

  • address a compelling one-time need or take advantage of an important opportunity to contribute financial support
  • support activities that foster learning or collaboration that promote the Trust’s goals
  • honor particular interests of May and Stanley Smith.

Through its Discretionary Grantmaking, the Trust also supports organizations and initiatives that enhance Staff and Trustees’ understanding of key and emergent issues facing the Trust’s target beneficiary populations specifically or the field of philanthropy more generally. Staff participates in relevant funders’ affinity groups – such as Grantmakers for Children, Youth, and Families and Grantmakers in Aging – in order to monitor policy developments, identify funding gaps and potential areas for grantmaking support, and leverage the Trust’s grant investments through collaborative or complementary grantmaking. The Trust’s Staff also participates in philanthropic sector-wide associations – such as the Council on Foundations and Northern California Grantmakers – to exchange information and lessons learned, to track emerging funding interests and trends, and to otherwise gather and disseminate information intended to improve the Trust’s grantmaking practices and value to its grantees. Grantmaking through the Discretionary Grantmaking area supports Staff’s participation in these types of collaborative and learning activities and other initiatives intended to encourage and advance effective philanthropic practices.

In addition, to honor specific interests of its founding donors, the Trust makes a small number of discretionary grants in Australia, the Bahamas, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom, places significant to Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Grantee Selection Criteria

These grants represent a small portion of the Trust’s overall grants portfolio, and support organizations identified by Staff and Trustees. Proposals may be submitted only when invited.

Recent Grants

Grantee Profile

The Foundation Center

The Foundation Center (FC), a national nonprofit organization founded in 1957 and headquartered in New York, strives to strengthen the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors by promoting fairness and efficiency in the philanthropic process and providing informed training about the field of philanthropy. FC offers free public access to current reference tools through its online and physical libraries, and serves as a resource center and training ground for nonprofit professionals and volunteers throughout the United States. The Trust’s 2013 grant provided $5,000 of general operating support to the Foundation Center in San Francisco.
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